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so there was no possibility of coming to an agreement today. >> we're disappointed that the unions have walked out tonight. another night of negotiations with no success. but a judge grants b.a.r.t. and its unions more time to come up with a deal and gives the community another 60 days of no strike.
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good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. >> a strike would significantly disrupt transportation services and endanger the public's health, safety or welfare. the governor has requested this injunction and members of the union did not debate. >> to until that time, members of the union will have to agree. >> reporter: time is not really the issue here. the good news is there's no strike tomorrow. the b.a.r.t. trains will be running and the threat of a strike is still 60 days away if the two sides can't way to come up with a deal. >> go home for tonight, for several days probably. >> reporter: tom hawk is going
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home to cincinnati. >> we're not done, so you have to keep looking for ways to resolve it. >> reporter: one union negotiator says the afternoon was spent in three different rooms with no communication. not even through a mediator. >> we're ready to negotiate. we're ready to see if there's any more officers, more authorizations to come to an agreement. >> reporter: they blamed b.a.r.t. for refusing to address their concerns. >> the real issues are money issue. >> reporter: the officer included a 10% pay increase. but the unions wanted more and wouldn't budge. now b.a.r.t.'s board of directors might step in. >> one of the things i want to do now is get the board involved. the board acted for a tactic to
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not get involved. >> reporter: the board's experience may play a part. they need a chance to regroup before the mediators schedule the next round of negotiations. patti lee. san francisco mayor ed lee praised today's decision saying he applause governor brown for taking the steps necessary so the bay area residents will not endure another b.a.r.t. strike. and he encourages to urge b.a.r.t. unions. more details now on b.a.r.t.'s new officer. the transit agency says that it increased its offer of a pay raise to 10% over 4 years. however the union is still asking for 15% over 3 years.
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b.a.r.t. dropped its pension contribution to start at 1% the first year with increases after that. the union wants a net .5% increase. b.a.r.t. would cap it contribution at the cost of basic plans while union wants to limit worker contributions over the current contributions. we asked people on facebook for their reaction on the cooling off period. lisa berney wrote, being one of the many people who rely on b.a.r.t. to get to work i am very grateful. i think b.a.r.t. should start training new employees who do not have a job. so will the 60 day schooling off period help or do you think b.a.r.t. workers will just go on strike when it ends. join the conversation right now on ktvu's facebook page.
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there was just a square peg going into a round hole. it didn't fit. >> reporter: the horse back riders that spotted anderson and her kidnapper said the encounters definitely raised a red flag. but since her kidnapping and the killing of her mother and brother, we are hearing from the couple that spotted her. >> hannah and ethan were very, very close. she did everything with him. helped him with his home work and read to him all the time. she was the best big sister ever. >> reporter: james demaggio,
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accused of kidnapping anderson and killing her mother and brother is dead. >> the amber alert flashed on the television, i told my wife, that is the girl we saw on the mountain. >> reporter: he remembers briefly speaking to demaggio. as a former county sheriff, he knew something was not right. >> he may have been an outdoors man in california but he was not an outdoors man in idaho and he did not fit. >> reporter: after a confrontation, law enforcement says an fbi tactical agent shot and killed demaggio. john credits what he saw on television that day for saving his life. >> it makes me feel great that the girl is found and that she's safe. i'm very grateful for the amber alert program and how it played the role in the whole thing
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because without that. this would not have happened. >> reporter: i'm martha shay reporting. more details on this case. tonight we're getting a closer look at the length that james demaggio went to hide his car. take a look at these photos showing this pile of brush and twigs to hide his car. new figures show violent crime is up in every county in california expect one. marin county was the only bay area county to see a drop in crimes. the county reported 490 incidents compared to 541 the
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year before. those crimes include burglary, theft, auto theft and arson. attorney general eric holder is said to make a major announcement tomorrow in san francisco about the nation's drug sentencing policies. holder is slated to be the keynote speaker at the american bar association annual meeting. the associated press reports that holder plans to unveil new sentences and a release program for the elderly and nonviolent offenders. neighbors are fed up with the trash and debris and the city of oakland says it's about to get tougher on violent dumpers. this comes with new and significant finds, jade hernandez has the story. >> reporter: if you're not using a dumpster like this one or a dump, you're dumping illegally. and oakland says its crack down is going to cause violators
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every day they don't pay. someone dropped off a ratty couch near her apartment. it's not an isolated i -- incident. >> it's stuff that's broken or beat up or looks like someone moved out and decided not to take the stuff with them. >> reporter: the city's attorney just pulled its resources with the public works agency and the city works administration. up to $1,000 a day and with other fees and costs an average citation could cause upwards of $5,000. next month, barbara parker will ask the city council to bump up its fines and make a misdemeanor and infraction.
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>> it's costing them more for people to dump on the sidewalk. >> reporter: don't just focus in on what's dumped but also zero in on the license plate. >> i think they have a lot of picking up to do. there's a lot of dumping around here. >> reporter: which is why the city says enough is enough. these are photos of the city dumpers sent into the city by neighbors. note if a fine doesn't get paid and it goes straight to a collection agency, rebecca capland e-mailed us saying, this is a renewed commitment by the city leaders. happening now, taking a live look at the beautiful moon. as it is almost peak time for the pearcy meteor shower about to get on its way.
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the meteor shower should be most visible at mid-night. ktvu's meteor shower is tells us if we will be able to see it. >> the earth passes through the stream of debris from comet hubble. and we have this, up to 70 meteors per hour. that of course if you don't have fog and we do have fog here in the bay area. you can see the cloud cover near the coast and around the bay. we have clear reports in santa rosa, napa, san jose and fairfield. i'll put this forecast model
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into motion. the cloud deck increases late tonight into tomorrow morning. it expands in coverage. the best bet if you want to get the viewing away from the coast and away from the bay and also of course away from the city lights. always a neat sight to see. a lot more in the forecast with that fog coming up in just a few minutes. for much more on the meteor shower including how and the best times to watch it. be sure to go to and click on the hot topic section. far from home and everything gone. the crime in the east bay hills that has put the breaks on a big area tour. and mysterious fumes from an international package. the hazmat scare at one of the the world's busiest airport. donald trump, and what he says he's willing to do if he
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hits the campaign trail.
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now to a story you will see only on 2, a folk band on tour right here in the bay area. now strumming on borrowed instruments. the band's west coast tour suddenly hit a wrong note when thieves stole their band van. >> we spoke to the band who explain the van was also their way home.
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breed all breed is a band from michigan. but criminals struck bringing a major detour to their travels and tour. >> my heart just stopped and i ran inside and i said trevor did you move the van. tell me you moved the van. >> reporter: but he didn't. and the group says between midnight and 11:00 p.m. friday, someone came too this area above the oakland berkeley hills and stole their cassette canyon, the name of their fourth member the tour van leaving andrea with only the clothes on her back. >> this pair of clothing but all of the rest of the clothes are in the van. my purse, my wallet, my driver's license and all of our equipment. >> reporter: i think it was somebody who knew what they were doing because there's no broken glass. >> we just have to question was it someone who saw us in san francisco with all of our gear as we were packing it back into our van and then followed us? >> reporter: the instruments and equipment inside the locked vehicle was worth more than $20,000. >> it had a tape player in the
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front, tape player in the back. vhs in the middle. >> reporter: the band is in the middle of its fringe tour. and it appears it's living up to its name. a fan donated this vehicle so they could make it to their concert last night, along with instruments. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. and if you would like to help the band our web team has posted information on just click on web links. that was darrell hall and john oats playing tonight on the third and final day of the outside lands festival in golden gate park. they were among close to 100 performers who took to the stage over the three day festival. some of the other notable acts include sir paul mccarnye. 9-inch nails and the red hot
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chilli pepperers. hundreds of thousands of fans were expected to fill the concert. casaba in the outer richmond posted a message on their facebook page last night saying quote the crowd from the concert is way too wild. unfortunately we decided to close tomorrow, unfortunately, to protect the restaurant and the quality of the dining experience. casaba is located on balboa street. we stopped by the restaurant this morning and found some people surprised and disappointed to find it closed. >> we live in the neighborhood and they're always open on the weekend so we were just surprised that it was closed. >> the restaurant said the crowd was so drunk and rowdy that someone vandalized their bathroom and bottles strewned outside. a giant's fan threw a banana at adam jones. jones actually had a great day at at&t park.
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but the pitching of a banana from the stands upset him. he tweeted i want to thank whatever then used an insulting term threw that banana toward my direction, way to show your class. fans tweeted back saying how awful, how racist. and when he thought someone defended the fans. adam threatened to leave social media saying, go adam and don't let the trolls and haters win. the fire has burned more than 20,000 acres and destroyed 26 homes. 10 firefighters were hurt and a mountain biker suffered serious burns. the cause is under investigation. two customs agents at new york's jfk airport mail facility were sickened today.
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the first tests showed the substance was a fatal nerve gas. it turned out the chemical phosphorous that can be used from removing rust and flavoring soft drinks. while the u.s. has reopened most of the offices in -- the embassy offices, two remain open. president obama maintain that is the core of al-qaida has been decimated but that regional groups continue to create problems. the closure showed the u.s. must remain vigilant.
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>> the effort of closing these embassies, shows that can stop threats and they are playing in ways that is going to pose challenges to the united states for years to come. senator mccain also expressed concern about a new round of violence and bloodshed in e skwrept following his trip -- bloodshed in egypt following his trip. and trump has said he has not made a decision to run for president. >> it can be half a million dollars or more. >> it could be more. i would be willing to spend. >> that kind of money? >> i would spend whatever it took. >> trump admitted that if he did run, if hillary clinton
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ran, she would be a tough competitor to beat. and the president and his family are staying on martha's vineyard until august 18th. the white house says he will have no public appearances but does receive daily briefings. an unusual courtroom twist. a judge said the baby's name must be changed >> an emotional reunion between a mother and two daughter. how the doctor managed to take the twins with the parents concept. disappearing into thin air. the hopes to find a priest that suddenly appeared at a crash scene then suddenly disappeared. and when 90s resurface on the monday night forecast. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance,
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a tendency baby naming case that ended up in court is create ago stir across the country. the parents of the baby named him messiah. but when they could not come up with a last name, they went to a judge. he used both the mom and dad's last name. but he decided that the first name must be must be changed saying it is not a name it's a title. >> a title that has only been earned by one person. >> the boy's mother said she was shocked by the judge's actions and will appeal.
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my son has spoken the truth. he has sacrificed more than the president of the united states or peter king has ever in their political careers and american lives. >> reporter: long snowden says he has secured a visa to visit his son in russia. and will encourage his son to return to the u.s. only if he can receive a fair trial. in news of the world in egypt, new concerns tonight of more violence in cairo. as security officials decide to move in to break up two more morsi sit ins. twice before the government has tried to break up the demonstration in support of the ousted president in those two attempts, 150 people were killed. and a doctor convinced them
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to give up the twins saying that the girls suffered from serious health problems. the couple says the doctors refused to even see the babies after they were born in may. the same doctor is accused of selling the baby boy in july for $35,000. glee star mia michelle publicly thanked fans for their support following the death of her boyfriend. >> whether you knew him personally or just as cory reached out. he became part of all of our hearts and that's where he'll stay forever. so thank you guys so much. thank you. >> this was michelle's first public appearance since monteage died last month. the 31-year-old died from an overdose of heroin and alcohol. now to a real mystery in illinois. emergency workers are hoping to locate a catholic priest who appeared at a crash scene as they were running out of time to save a young woman. it happened last sunday in
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quincy illinois. as a drunk driver crashed into a car with the teen inside. well about an hour into the rescue, crews feared they would not be able to free the seriously injured girl. well she then asked them to pray. and that's when they say the priest appeared. >> he came between and he asked if he could anoint the girl in the car. and at first, my first thought was that it would possibly send the wrong message to katie and he said i just want to anoint her. so we just let him come up to the scene. >> now witnesses say that the priest blessed the girl and her recuers with oil, prayed with them and asked them to remain calm. a fire crew then pulled up with fresh equipment and was then freed. they took 80 photos of the scene and the priest did not appear in any of them. carmagedon version 2.0. the latest plans to shut down
10:28 pm
the 405 freeway. in three minutes, two teenagers killed in the crash in the south bay. why one neighbor told us the deadly accident doesn't surprise them. and your chance to go into space. the bay area company's plan to send people into orbit in the afterlife. so... [ gasps ]
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>> it could be another carmagedon when another portion of the 405 shuts down. a stretch of the interstate was closed in los angeles county. both north and south bound lanes will be shut down and all traffic will be detoured on to surface streets. the freeway is scheduled to shut down saturday night and reopen sunday afternoon. now to the south bay and
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three grieving families. >> reporter: relatives came to the scene to find his glasses. salvador lost him in the crash and his family wants him to be buried with them. >> he was young, he was only 22. >> reporter: three other passengers died. the family says they were coming from a party driving nearly 90 miles per hour when they lost control. the car hit a tree in the center divide. this neighbor rushed to help. but asked that we not identify him. he's still too shaken. >> i was trying to, i couldn't pull them out. the car was so smushed together that there was no way of getting them out of there. >> reporter: many around here heard the crash. this resident wasn't surprised, he said that people speed through here all the time.
10:32 pm
>> my worse fears were answered, someone died here. >> reporter: his aunt says what she will remember is his laughter. >> it's really hard. my sister is taking it really hard. the whole family was at my sister's house this morning. we're just planning to be there for her. >> reporter: the family is already planning a fundraiser, to help the victims that are still in the hospital. scientists studying lake tahoe were calling for more long term studies of nonnative species such as clams and cat fish. they say their data is incomplete as they find ways to keep the lake clear. researchers hope a summit will find a cause to the problem. time is running out for boat owners at a marina. boats are usually pulled from fulsome marina between october and november 1st when water is
10:33 pm
released for flood control that this year a lack of rain and snow melt have caused officials to move up that date. >> today was the day people were supposed to get out by. we have a few extra days, so we're asking ship renters if they're planning to use their boats the next few days they're welcomed to keep it in as long as they watch how much the water drops. apple may be on the verge of releasing another iphone in less than a month. the high tech blog all things d says the release of a new iphone 5s could be announced on september 10th. the new deviced is rumored to include a more advanced camera and a fingerprint sensor. it's possible apple will release a cheaper iphone on that day. so far no official word from apple on any of these reports.
10:34 pm
mark fisherman's wharf attraction is said to close this week. the wax museum had been delighting visitors since it opened in 1973. next year the company that runs the famous ma'am tusaud plans to open a new museum in the same location. the family has not announced plans for the 215 wax figures currently on display. a rare fashion show on the south boy that wasn't just about the clothes on display but the women modeling them. dozens of people watched and cheered on the women walking down the runway in san jose. the owner says her store feels a real need in the women's clothing market. >> no matter what size you are you want to feel sexy and beautiful. i wanted to create a place where women can come and try phruz sized lingerie on and
10:35 pm
leave the store feeling hot. >> reporter: the owner says she's part of only two plus sized lingerie companies. more than 1,500 men would be incarcerated on the rock during the next 29 years. the prison closed 15 years ago in 1953. now the island is part of the national parks system and is visited each year by more than 1.3 million people. all right, if you can't get to space any other way, a bay area company launches a space burial. plus, tracking great white sharks, the dangerous mission off the u.s. coast to keep the animals safe. and will it warm up for your weekend? mark tamayo is coming up with when you can expect 90 degrees, that's right 90 degrees to return to the forecast. ♪
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a scientist is tagging great white sharks off cape cod. they place a tag which allows the researchers to track the great white's movements. our mild weather will be giving way to more summer like temperatureses. ktvu's meteorologist mark tamayo is here. >> we have been advertising a little bit of a warming trend. that's still on track. it started today and will continue through monday and tuesday. over cast out toward san francisco, the golden gate bridge. closer to monterey bay as well. and the clouds not inland just yet.
10:39 pm
right now we have mostly clear skies out toward walnut creek, livermore, brentwood and liver mother. current temperatures are in the 50s in san francisco. 55degrees in santa rosa. san jose checking in at 50 degrees with partly cloudy skies. the time lapse from this afternoon looking out toward the transamerica building. this is during the 3:00 hour. we'll see a solid deck of overcast here. developing out near the coast. pushing into the golden gate bridge. this is what we're tracking for tonight and into early tomorrow morning. this will be a factor for the monday morning commute. and possibly once again some drizzle first thing tomorrow morning especially right near highway 1. right near the bay itself. fog will be increasing, mostly cloudy skies for the cost and right around the bay. and partly cloudy skies well inland toward fairfield and the antioch area.
10:40 pm
san jose starting out the day 53 degrees. we have been watching this weather system for nearly a week now. it's beginning to scoot out to the north being replaced by this high pressure. this will be the source of a warming trend primarily over the shoreline. around the bay in the 70s, inland neighborhoods on track to reach the 80s. we do warm things up. by tuesday and wednesday. by wednesday warmest locations will be approaching the lower 90s. here's our forecast model. into tomorrow morning at 7:00. here you can see the overcast once again. this has been the pattern clearing back to near the shoreline. revealing partly to mostly cloudy skies. still patchy fog for the beaches. most areas a little warmer than today. santa rosa will go to 82 degrees. fairfield a bit of a breeze kicking in. winds topping 21 miles per hour easily. oak land 71, head over the hills and you will find mid- to upper 80s out toward livermore.
10:41 pm
sunny vale 77 and san francisco in the mid-60s. overcast in the morning. patchy fog for the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead your five day forecast and a little bit warmer right on through tuesday. we cool things off for wednesday and thursday. and with your weekend always in view that does feature another warming trend for saturday and sunday. growing up here in the area, going back to school which will be happening this week. i remember going back and the weather being beautiful. we'll see if that happens this week beginning in late to mid- august as well. >> thanks, mark. if you ever wanted to go into space. you may have a chance in the afterlife. san francisco based elisium space is offering an out of this world memorial. part of the cremated ashes are put into a capsule and the capsule is put on a private rocket. the rocket will launch from
10:42 pm
cape canaveral. >> and kaepernicking, we're going to tell you about the new pose to hit the sport's world. r the a's comes up big in toronto. sports wrap is next. b
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good evening everyone, welcome to this late sunday night's edition of sports wrap. status quo for the two teams after today's play. oakland starter a.j. griffin and his catcher. making sure they're on the same page today in toronto. this was the game in which every run mattered, oakland down 1-0 in the first when josh
10:45 pm
toller hit a liner to center that coco crisp saved. still 1-0 till the a's struck for three. brandon moss with the big blow. a 2-run shot to straight away center. number 18 not happy. two on, callasco hits the ball to left. and bonafacio runs to left. a's got one more in the inning for a 6-3 lead. in the ninth with one run already in the the jay's loaded the bases. and the a's had held on for the win. they win 6-4. save number 30 for balfore. the a's stay one game back of the division where the rangers were also big winners at houston. this will be career run 688 for alex rodri

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